Shifting Power

Citizens are becoming more aware of what they find most important in life. They want to protect these things. We get more transparency through social media in life. What is happening all over the world comes to light because of Social media. The population shows their response when they don’t agree with whats happening in the world. They want to protect themselves and what they find important. We want to have the control and do it ourselves. The needs/values of the citizens are:  independent, enterprising, control, trust, transparency and accountability.

Because of the transparency it’s harder for higher powers to control the citizens, so they lose much of their powers. Citizens require transparency because they are feeling that’s something isn’t right. High powers don’t want to lose the power. They are trying take back the control. Power gives big companies a lot of money. The major powers lobbying by the government and the European Commission to get this done. They don’t share what makes them powerful with others. Because they are the only ones with those possessions the rest of the world is dependent on them. You see this development particular in the food and tourism industry. Food is a primary need. We can’t live without food so we don’t get independent of the higher powers. We have to surrender to get our food.

People, groups are getting more soft-power: They use the internet to fight against the higher powers. The internet is become a political platform. People can now easily enrich knowledge and can better interpret facts because of the information technology. Trust in politics is reduced because people finds that they don’t solve relevant issues. The result is that more participation comes from the population in politic. Now everyone can get suddenly public esteem and give themselves power. Networks and platforms play an important role in this situation. It has an impact on the public debate. In the tourism industry their arise own initiatives so large organizations can be avoided. The tourism are less controlled from higher powers.



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