E-pulse and Nerdlab

What is it?
When I was in Breda for coolhunting,  I saw a large building/hall called ‘Electron’. I live in Breda, so I already saw the building many times and i was wondering what was inside. Electron is a foundation for art and design and Electron organizes different festivals and projects. This time it was an exposition named E-Pulse and Nerdlab. E-pulse has to do with playful interactions and Nerdlab is about alternate realities. With some virtual reality, interaction design, games, music and spectacular Audio-Visual performances shows the E-pulse festival many developments in new media.

Why is it cool? 
Those E-Pulse and Nerdlab expositions are cool, because it gives you an idea of the developments that has to do with new media.
The exposition goes from Augmented and Virtual Reality to Fantasy and Science Fiction. You are able to play some games and I think that’s cool, ’cause now you are really into the Alternate Reality, your are able to experience it. Alternate Reality is using the reality as a digital playground. It’s an expo  in which the boundaries between the physical and the virtual world fade.

This exposition has to do with Phase 4 from the experience economy : ‘Virtuality and Involvement’.