Urban Farming- City Garden De Bergen

More people in the cities are interested in urban farming. It allows us to eat more local food! By growing what we need near where we live, we decrease the “food miles” associated with long-distance transportation. We also get the freshest produce money can buy, and we are encouraged to eat in season. The green nature comes back into the cities. It gives us a better and a healthier life.

High powers of the world don’t like this at all, people want to know what they are eating and they want to grow our own food. We want to be independent of large supermarkets that provide us with poor quality food. We want to have the power in our hands. This high powers are trying to impose a ban on themselves grow food. I hope it’s not gonna work.

I fully support Urban farming. I’m pleased to tell you that there is also a social garden in my street where I can grow my own food since 4 weeks. It’s still in development, but I’m very enthusiastic. I live in the middle of the centre in Eindhoven. Tomorrow I’m going to book a bin for me and a friend.





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