Lethal radiation Fukushima end up in the sea

History nuclear power plant
An earthquake followed by a tsunami in March 2011 caused that the nuclear power plant in Fukushima (Japan) got damaged. The heat in the reactor core could not adequately drained. It caused explosion. Sea water was used in an attempt to cool the reactors. Radioactive groundwater is leaking into the ocean from this nuclear power plant since two years.


Consequences 2014
The investigation of the Japanese company Tepco, administrator of the nuclear power station showed that the sea water around the Fukushima nuclear complex contains high radioactive substance tritium. Polluted sea water is used to cool the two reactors. The water comes from a non-closing valve through groundwater back in the ocean. This water contains radiation!


Radiation that ended up in your body damage the DNA. You body is be able to restore a part of this damage. When the recovery happens faster than copying th

e damaged cel, the body has no permanent damage. Radiations also comes in the the body through the potassium-40 in drinking water and through cosmic radiation or uranium in the soil. When the body can not recover the amount of radiation, it’s possible to arise cancer.Nuclear power plants are dangerous because of the radioactivity and

the risk of accidents. It’s possible to create energy on many other safe ways. It’s better for the environment and it’s sustainable. We spend a lot of attention about sustainability last years. Fish are swimming in the sea around the Nuclear power plants in Fukushima. High radiation levels in the sea goes into the gills of the fish, afterwards the fish lies on our plates. I read conflicting things about the impact on health by eating these fish. I think that these rays do have an impact on health. Mercola writes: ”Emerging evidence suggests the impacts may be far worse than we are being led to believe”.

Polluted seas
The quality of fish is greatly deteriorated by the polluted seas. There are several causes that pollute    the seas. The pollution caused by chemicals, oil, by substances such as plastic, by radioactivity, by farming, by noise, and radioactive waste.

The most common chemicals are dioxins, heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium and flame retardants. Fish from the North Sea contains much more dioxins than fish from the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. When dioxins are nested in a living organism, they remain there for a long time.Dixons accumulates in the food chain. The further in the food chain, the higher the concentration of dioxins. There are increasingly toxic and carcinogenic flame retardants in the environment and through the sea it gets also in the fish we eat.

In the middle of the still ocean the water contains a lot of plastic garbage. Plastic which is not or hardly biodegradable. Some people estimate the magnitude of this garbage twice as large as the United States of America.The garbage floats through the stream in the middle of the ocean.The reason is that the stream is less stronger in the middle of the ocean. Fish see this plastic as a tasty snack. We eat the fish caught in this area of the ocean.

Some people doesn’t know it, but in the ocean there is a lot of noise caused by human. This noise also has a huge impact on the animals in the ocean. The noise is caused by oil drilling, sonar and placing windmills. This concerns in particular the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Sonars are used to detect submarines. Active sonar consists of very loud noise pulses that bounce back into the ocean through large objects. Whales gets lost their sense of direction which can ensure they wash up on the beach. A lot of animals in the ocean are dying because their ears and brains are blown up if they get too close to the sonar sources. These dead animals end up on the seabed, so we don’t know exactly how many there are.

The more natural materials we use, the less impact it has on nature. Sustainability goes much further than only thinking about nature. Products must have arisen from nature and can be broken down by nature. I believe that our quality of life is really greatly improved if we implement this. This is the way how I want to eat, but I see myself in the future also focus on clothing and other products.


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