Led lit lettuce

What it is
Family business Deliscious supplies three kinds of root ball lettuce all year round. In their unique cultivation system-using LED lit climate chambers, they grow delicious root ball lettuce from seed. From planting the seed to packaging the lettuce: everything is done in their own greenhouse complex in Central Limburg. By the right combination between the colours is it possible to create spring all year long. Quality and sustainability are their number one priority.-

Why it is Cool
Deliscious uses a new ‘economic system’ to produce sustainable food. It is sustainable farming using technology. By using technology they have spring all year long, which means always the same production and earnings. Thereby they don’t need pesticides and they use less water because it’s an organised system. And of course they work with solar energy. So it is cheaper to produce and it’s a business with eyes for tomorrow. –

Why it has Future Growth Potential
The society is in a transition phase and I think we all need systems that use technology for a sustainable future. We need to feed the growing population with less damage for the planet. This is a business example which produces food in a new way.  And it’s an example for other farmers how they can make their business future proof.