Ibiza sublimotion

What it is
Sublimotion is first and foremost a restaurant run by Chef Paco Roncero that is located at the Hard Rock hotel in Ibiza, Spain. However, it offers a unique experience composed of a 3 hours dinner that includes over a dozen courses that are designed to stimulate all 5 senses. Not only cool technology, but also actors are used to enhance this experience which is known as the most expensive dinner in the world at over $2000 a head.

Why it is Cool
Becasue it stimulates the clients 5 senses, something unseen until now,  which goes to show that anything is possible in terms of creating a memorable experience. It also is cool because of it\\\’s location, the Hard Rock cafe in Ibiza, which is a very cool location in itself.

Why it has Future Growth Potential
Because clients seeking new culunary experiences are clearly ready to pay whatever the price may be. It has growth potential in other restaurants in the world that can use some of their ideas to include stimulating technologie to create memorable experiences.