Food Truck Experience

What it is
During Dutch Design Week (from the 17th until the 25th of October) you could visit the Truck Stop of Maison de Boer at the Ketelhuislplein; 2 gigantic trucks, you couldn’t miss it. In this Truck Stop, Maison van den Boer and food designer Annelies Hermsen worked together to entertain their guests in a one-hour food design experience. Astonishment was the central theme here. Surprising combinations and deserts that altered your tasting experience!

Why it is Cool
Because every course was even more surprising than the other and every course had an an additional short movie that complimented the dish. Next to that it was interactive. To give an example: the vanilla dessert was shaped as a brain and people had to dissect it in order to get to the blood-orange and star-anise. The guessing part was part of the fun.


Why it has Future Growth Potential
Going out for dinner isn’t about ‘just’ the food anymore. The dining industry and in particular restaurants, have to offer a total experience in order to stay popular or gain popularity. The music, the food, the waiters, the guests, the drinks, the smell, the positioning of the food on the plate; it has to be a holistic concept. All senses have to be satisfied. And when you are able to trick the senses, a memorable moment is created. More and more people are interested in food and the lifestyle that comes with it. Going out for dinner has become a part of our lifestyle. The restaurant industry is highly competitive. But those unique one-of-a-kind experiences create a competitive advantage. If you, as a restaurant, can offer an evening filled with surprising tastes, fascinating combinations and unique entourage, while keeping it low key and inviting that is when your are one step ahead of others. Satisfy all senses in a surprising way and guests will be satisfied too. And there is no greater advertisement than a satisfied guests.