Stick- N- Find

What is it?

The stick and Find search technology allows you to find your objects, animals or humans back. The only thing what you have to do is paste a sticker on it. The sticker has a paddle connected to a smartphone application that shows you where the object, animal or human is where the sticker is stuck. Find and stick technology works on iPhone, iPads and Androids and works within a range of 100 meters.

You can use the battery on the stick for one year. When the object is still further away you get a message on your smartphone. Stick-N-Find stickers have a buzzer and light, so you can find it in the dark. Several stickers can be activated in the app. The stickers are available in different colours. You pay $ 75 for a set of three stickers. You can buy them on the website

Why is it cool?
There is an application where you can find your phone back when you lost it. But the Stick and Find technology goes one-step further. With this technology you can find your keys or even your dog back.

The urban nomads are increasingly from home. So it is no surprise that it is more likely that they lose property. They have been in several places and they don’t know exaclty where they lost their property. The properties are difficult to retrieve.

The result is that the retail is responding on this trend. Would it be the most normal thing in the world to find your children and partner back on this way in the future?

Sticknfindinhand575          sticknfind-radar-app



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