Urbanization of agricultural


What is it?
Jonas di Lorenzo strives for a future to provide independence within agriculture a city. They want to do this by bringing the agricultural farming to the big cities. Concept greenbelt is a winged shape that looks like the seats in a football stadium.

This concept was created by the new technological developments and the increasing focus on healthier food. With this installation we grow food vertically in the city. Respect for nature is central.

Why is it cool?
There is little space in cities for the agricultural. But this concept offers the possibility to grow vertically. The consequence of this is that the waste of energy by import is avoided, which makes it better for the environment. We don’t have to be dependent on expensive goods anymore.

By bringing the farm closer to the consumer, consumers have a better view of what happened to the food. We also want to know where our food comes from. This also suits the trend authenticity.

The concept is not yet realized, but offers many opportunities in the future. More information on yankodesign.com





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