Sustainable and environmentally friendly battery

Students of the city university of New York have developed an environmentally sustainable lithium-ion battery. City College is committed to a sustainable campus. Adjusting the way we learn, teach, do research and work as a setting to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

What is it?
The battery is driven by a red dye. It comes from the roots of the madder plant.That the plant produces paint is nothing new. More then 3500 years ago people used the bright red paint to give their clothing a colour. But now the paint has a different destiny. The battery is durable and environmentally friendly.

Why is it cool?
Scientists should anticipate running out of raw materials in the world to avoid the consequences. Durable batteries are already used. An example is the lithium-ion batteries. They provide energy to mobile phones and electric cars. But the production and destruction of the batteries takes a lot of risks for the environment with it. In the production and recycling of the battery there will be about 72 pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the battery is expensive to make.

But for the production of this battery less energy is needed. There is also much less carbon dioxide. To produce the paint there must be a madder plant planted to pick up carbon dioxide from the air. And when the battery is thrown away there will be no harmful substances. Maybe this is the way to producing energy in the future. It has many advantages.

When and Where
These are recent inventions so it will take a while before the time is up. This signal shows us that we find it important to use products what is not harmful to the environment.

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