Lease a jeans

Mud Jeans creates since 2008 sustainable jeans by biological materials and fair-trade. They produce fashion with respect for people and the environment. They are members of trade bodies like Max Havelaar, GOTS, BSCI and MVO Netherlands.

What is it?
Lease a Jeans is a fashion concept where fashion is not only affordable, but also makes truly sustainable. The jeans are made from organic and recycled cotton and is 100% produced responsibly. The jeans are available for male and female. The manufacturer makes it another new jeans when the Mud Jeans is returned by the carrier. They use recycled materials such as organic cotton, recycled PET bottles. Not only the jeans are sustainable. Even the packing is recycled and the tickets to the clothing are made of remaining organic cotton the production of. They are recycled and printed with ecological ink.

Why is it cool?
Now anyone can worry a sustainable jeans lease for a flat, low monthly rate. So sustainable fashion is affordable for everyone. Sustainable is important for the world and the global worming. The design is already taken into account that the jeans is fully recyclable. It takes less cotton as Mud Jeans organic cotton pants jeans is made new again. Mud jeans response to the increasing scarcity of resources, they forming a booster for the circular economy, based on the reuse of raw materials.


Lease a jeans started since January 2013 in the Netherlands.



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