Watch your steps: Innovative shoes by graduates

The DDW is a major event in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, committed to showcasing the country’s burgeoning design and technological innovators. On the Dutch Design Week innovative designs showed their graduation works from around the world in the exhibition Watch your steps.15 Academies from all over the world collected their best graduations works. The Academies are:

Italy                                Polimoda
Japan                            Hiko Mizuno and Bunka Fashion College
The Netherlands           ArtEZ
Finland                          Wetterhoff
China                            Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic
Belgium                        Stedelijke Academie Sint-Niklaas
Germany                       Deutsche Schuhfachschule
United Kingdom:           De Montfort University, London College of Fashion and Royal
College of Art

Watch Our Steps is organized by SLEM, a new education center focused on shoe design.
The shoes are extreme and made with the latest technology like the 3d printer and new materials. Combining the extreme design with the technology creates a strange and innovative design. Surrealism in this signal fits my previous trend Funtasia. Technology takes the upper hand in the fashion world. If you don’t use the new technology in your designs you’re probably not going to make a succesful career. Designers have never deviated so far from reality. Would the extreme designs also be seen in the street fashion in the future and not just on the catwalk?

©  Second Sight


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