Living Lamps

A special lamp gets energy by your breath and moves. The lamp JUNIOR by Trieuvy Luu (a Dutch designer) needs heat from your breath and your moves to give light. He pulls energy from it to interact with your movements, he moves with you. The more you blows warm air, the brighter the light would be. You only have to blow a few times and the the lamp will burn for a few hours. If the lamp doesn’t get the heat out of your breath or your moves anymore, the lamp light will slowly dim. He goes into ‘sleep mode’ The idea of giving your energy away is inspired from yoga and meditation breathing exercises. A series of light on the lamp’s head light up sequentially, as if your breath is being continued through Junior’s structure.

The gap between technology and man is getting smaller. They become a whole together.The interaction between technology and men can bring us a lot. We can do something good for the environment. When we use our breath to create light, we don’t need resources. It gives us less environmental pollution. It is an interesting development that technology comes together with man. Cooperation with technology can bring us great changes in the world.


Source:  Core 77, Living lamps


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