Fast Fashion industry

Fast Fashion, how is this possible? Do you know how the clothes are made? We hear more and more about fast fashion. This will not be the first and the last time that you hear about it. Our clothes are made under poor/ dangerous working conditions in developing countries. We don’t want to pay more for our clothes. A lot of people go to the Primark or go to other stores that are affordable. Every day it is busy again.

It happens frequently that a fire breaks out in the buildings where the clothing is made. On 24 of april it happened in Bangladesh. 1100 peoples died on this place. But it’s very difficult to change it. The last 15 years we see a lot reactions against the fast fashion. Naomi Klein came with the collection No Logo and we see a lot of brands produce locally. But for the price of Zara and H&M it’s important and necessary to produce in these circumstances. Otherwise they can’t exist. Brands often do not know exactly how and where their clothing is produced, or they don’t want to know. Western countries want cheap clothes and the shops fulfill peoples needs to make a profit. When we walk into a store, we don’t think about the background of the garment. We don’t know where it comes from. We have no idea how that store can sell the garment so cheap and the stores also made their profit.

Watch this documentary from BBC and experience how the fast fashion industry works!

In the future we want more quality and sustainability in our clothes. Transparency is just as important because then we know more about the background of the clothes. Fast fashion is much faster than designers can design. Politics should get involved to bring change in the fast fashion, but we (humans) are the politics. Who will bring change in this complex situation?


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