Expierence and Funtasia in Paris

I went to Paris last month and I signaled very cool developments. I want to share the most interesting with you.

During an inspiring hike I had to go to the toilet. I came inside Point Wc and it was an Amazing experience. Toilet seats hung spread on the wall. When I went through I saw two men in suits. They said to me that if I want to go to the toilet I would have to pay €2,-. I became curious. I was wondering why the visit to the toilet was so expensive. So I paid and I walked further along a wall full of colored toilet inside the toilet. The man in the suit has cleaned the toilet before I came in. I was overwhelmed by the smell when I came into the toilet. It wasn’t a smell that you would expect in the toilet. It was a pleasant smell. The toilet looked like a bookcase.The whole room was on modified. When I came out of the toilet, the toilet was cleaned again by the man in the suit. I happily went out the door after a bizarre, wonderful experience. It’s a perfect example of the trend Experience Economy. Where unique, immersion, empathy are important values.

foto 3


With my passion for food,  I was immediately excited when I saw the La Grande Epicerie. It is a department store of nutrition. It’s not ‘ordinary’ food but food with an experience or a message. Food you can’t find in the supermarket. Our food gets more attention every day and is becoming increasingly important. We are becoming more aware of our nutrition. What it does to you and where it comes from. Food brings us together as a social aspect. It creates coziness. It’s no surprise that companies response on this development.

In many products from this store is an experience combined with humor in a positive way. There is something added to a ‘ordinary’ product which immediately attracts your attention. We want to enjoy our food. The Import trends appropriate with this store are sustainability, authenticity, Expierence Economy and transparency.

suikervorm koffie


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