Connected with your loved ones by a lamp

We do no longer live in one place in the world. We work on different places and we travel a lot. Also in our own city we change more frequently from place. This means that you see your friends or even your partner less often, everyday life starts to differ from each other. You don’t know exactly where someone is during the day. Off course we have a phone but you don’t feel like the person is with you. It’s not physical.

To feel the connection between you loves one there is the good night lamp. It consists of one large lamp with three little lamps. You can give the little lamps to the person you want to connect. Use it to tell your family in another timezone that now’s a good time to talk, give a Big Lamp to your grandmother to keep tabs on her daily routine or give a Little Lamp to a colleague so he knows when you’re still in the office. Collect your friends’ Little Lamps and watch them turn on and off as they come home, go out or go to bed. it’s a simple way of communicating to loved ones living remotely and/or in a different time zone, particularly when they don’t have much technology literacy. We need connection and involvement. The good night lamp connect on a physical way.

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