My name is Fleur Plaat and I’m 22 years old. Welcome to my blog. In 2011 I’m graduated as a Social Worker. This wasn’t the job of  life. No I’m studying International Lifestyle Studies at Fontys hogescholen. My blog is about trends in lifestyle especially in Food & Health. Lifestyle has also to do with the way people organize their lives: Leisure, Appearance, Human Movement and Living. On my blog you can find signals I’ve spotted in society.

My interest and passion for food came during the high school. I could eat anything I wanted without gaining weight. But later on I was getting thicker and I felt unhappy with my body. I wanted to lose weight and I started with sports and eat healthy. Here is my passion for food began. My lifestyle is changed and I am happy with my life and body. I would like everyone to experience this way of life. With my blog I would like to inspire everyone and I want to make people aware of healthy food choises. I’m convinced that food should not be edited by humans.

Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

You can read my experiences, projects and developments on my blog. If you have feedback or feedforward please let me know!

Enjoy reading my blog,

Fleur Plaat



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